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Fasten your seatbelt and loosen your pants, because you are about to discover some of Europe's most unique travel and food experiences.


My name is Mark Felice, and food is my compass. I am a European explorer, chef, travel vlogger and European vacation tips blogger, and I will travel anywhere for food..well, in Europe that is!


Watch my European travel vlog, EURO TROTTER, on YouTube for grand European travel reviews that will help you explore, research and plan the perfect European vacation. If you like what you see and want to re-create these same travel experiences yourself, my city guides will give you all the information you need (plus a few extras), including my actual itineraries.

You can also read about my personal travel experiences in my blog, EUROTROT, with photos and stories that will introduce you to new places, activities and adventures in Europe.

Euro Trotter at Franco's Bar in Santorini Greece

EURO TROTTER is a European travel vlog that combines the styles of European travel guide author Rick Steves with edgy food legend Anthony Bourdain to bring you a fresh take on European travel and food through visually stunning and informative European travel videos. The result...a travel tips blog Europe has been waiting for!

And, for an over-the-top visual experience, stream or cast EURO TROTTER to your TV.

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Rome Italy City Guide
Verona Italy City Guide
Athens Greece City Guide
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Euro Trotter at the Balaro Market in Palermo Sicily


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