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My BIG Fat Greek Vacation

July 2021

From sailing jaw dropping coastlines to wandering ancient cities, I will personally accompany you on this guided and exclusive excursion through Greece. I will be taking you to some of my favorite spots, from glamorous beach clubs and charming fishing villages to historical sites, shopping and unique local experiences (how does watching a foreign film with Prosecco on a rooftop in Athens right outside the Acropolis at night all lit up sound?) will see and experience it all. 


You will of course be indulging in some of the best local cuisine Greece has to offer, from cliff-side restaurants to beach-side tavernas and open-air markets. If you want to experience Greece like a local, with access to experiences only available to Euro Trotter, then get ready to see and taste Greece unlike any other vacation experience.

The travel itinerary for this vacation experience will be published soon on this site with detailed information on our destinations, experiences, accommodations, dates and pricing. Until then, get excited by checking out some of my time in Athens in the below video.

Due to the nature of getting around in Greece, space for this travel experience will be limited. If interested, please submit your information below and you will be added to our mailing list to be notified when the trip will be available for purchase. 

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