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Italian Wine Tasting​ (February 2021)

Sundays at 12pm EST - February 7, 14, 21 and 28

Learn how to select and enjoy fine Italian wines from master Italian Sommelier, Cecilia Sitran. Join Cecilia from her home in Venice Italy as she helps you discover some of the most delicious wines from across Italy. Class is progressive and interactive, with each week building upon the next, learning the nuances of Italian wines, all while enjoying wine in a completely new way. Ahead of class, you will also learn what Italian "nibbles" to pair and enjoy with the wines featured during class. Whether joining class solo or inviting a few friends to join in the fun, there's no better way to bring a little Italy into your home!


Schedule: Class will be held weekly on Sundays at 12pm EST beginning February 7 and ending February 28. You can sign up for individual classes or join all four as classes are progressive and build upon each other from week to week.


Duration: Classes are one hour, from 12pm EST to 1pm EST.

Price: $45.00 per person / per class

What You'll Need: Computer, Laptop or Mobile device with internet connection. Upon signing up for class, you will receive a welcome letter with instructions and a private link to join the class. Click, sip and's that simple!

Course Overview 

Sunday, February 7 - Introduction to Italian Wines

Start your journey into Italian wines by learning how to select them in your local wine store, from deciphering the label to the vintage . For class, pick your favorite wine to sip as Cecilia explains how to buy a good bottle of the most exported Italian wines worldwide like Prosecco, Pinot Grigio and Chianti. And, don't forget to enjoy some “prosciutto” and “bruschetta” during class!

Sunday, February 14 - All About Prosecco

Learn everything there is to know about Italian bubbles. With your new found knowledge on selecting a good Italian Prosecco, you'll come to class with your own bottle, learning from Cecilia how to drink better and appreciate the unique characteristics of the Prosecco. While tasting, you will also learn key reasons why these Italian bubbles are so different from a French Champagne or Spanish Cava.

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Sunday, February 21 - Pinot Grigio and Italian Whites

Learn all about Italy's iconic Pinot Grigio as well as other famous Italian whites. During class, Cecilia will teach you all about outstanding Pinot Grigio and other white wines from both international and local grapes. During class, enjoy some classic Venetian "Cicchetti".

Sunday, February 28 - Chianti and Italian Reds

It's time for the reds! Bring your Chianti, Valpolicella and Barbera to class and learn all there is to know about these delicious Italian reds. Class will be a flavorful journey through Italy, from the north to the south of the Bel Paese. And don’t forget to have some nice Parmigiano cheese and dark chocolate on the side!

About Cecilia Sitran

Sommelier prêt-à-porter


Born and raised just outside Venice, Cecilia has a strong connection to this jewel of the Adriatic. Her family comes from the famous Rialto Market area of Venice, and her great-grandfather owned one of the most prestigious cafés in all of St. Mark’s Square.

After graduating from the University of Venice in Economy and Management of Arts, Cecilia decided to follow her passion for wine and food, receiving her diploma of sommelier in 2008.  As a certified sommelier, Cecilia works with one of the best wine shops in Venice to offer her clients the most intimate and prestigious of wine tasting experiences when visiting the city.

In 2015,  Cecilia began offering her clients authentic wine and food experiences in her beloved city, for curious travelers who want to enjoy the delicious side of Venice. While walking in "off-the-beaten path" areas, where the beauty comes out in a very spontaneous way, Cecilia guides her clients through wine tastings and legends that come alive to create magical and unforgettable experiences.

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