About Euro trotter

Ciao! My name is Mark Felice, and I am the Euro Trotter. I left my job in corporate America after 16 years, took off to Europe to start a European travel and food vlog...and never looked back. As a European explorer and chef, I use food as my compass to explore cities across Europe...one bite at a time...going where the locals live, work, eat and play for an authentic taste of European life, and my mission is simple, experience everything there is to discover about European travel and food...and share it with you.

My vlog, Euro Trotter, is a European travel and food series on YouTube and Amazon Prime Video for everyone that has ever wanted to explore Europe and satisfy their inner-foodie. Whether you are planning your next trip to Europe or just want to discover Europe through my eyes, the goal of the series is to make you feel like you are right there with me on the street, in the adventure, meeting locals, exploring lesser known areas and unique experiences, and trying incredible food, from open air markets and street food to hole-in-the-wall restaurants and Michelin dining. 

To follow the adventure, check out my YouTube channel Euro Trotter and follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @eurotrot.  

about the website

Explore, research and plan the perfect European vacation. Using food as your compass and following my city guides, travel videos and blog, you will discover some of Europe's most exclusive travel experiences. Feed your curiosity and discover Europe my way.

In my Blog, read about my personal travel experiences in Europe, with exclusive travel reviews and vacation travel tips, along with photos and stories that will introduce you to new places, activities and adventures you didn't even know existed.


Follow my footsteps through Europe with my easy-to-follow City Guides, travel itineraries on where to go, where to stay, what to do, what to eat and where to eat in Europe. You will also find helpful contact information with links to walking and driving directions to help you easily and quickly navigate from one destination to the next on the itinerary. Simply download the city guide to your smartphone and you are ready to go.


Discover and share your vacation travel experiences with fellow "trotters" in the Forum. Share a photo, travel tip, recommendation, or ask a question!

Watch "virtual" travel videos in Virtual Passport. Transport yourself into extraordinary and exclusive virtual travel experiences, adventures designed to make you feel like you're right there with me, from cliffside hikes to secluded coves to coastal drives and gourmet dinners in seaside caves, get ready to travel...together...virtually. These exclusive virtual travel videos are available only on markfelice.com

Feeling adventurous? Join me for personally curated Trips  to some of my favorite travel destinations. If you are interested in coming with me into some exclusive travel experiences, then check out and reserve your spot in one of my upcoming trips.


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