Euro Trotter is a boutique travel company specializing in taking small groups of six to eight guests on exclusive tours and travel experiences in Europe, as well as creating custom trips for customers that prefer a more private travel experience.

Each tour is led by me, your personal travel guide, for the entire duration of the travel experience.  Along with leading the tour, I have personally designed and customized each travel experience, all of which have been designed to give you a true "taste" of the countries, regions and cities that are being explored.  And since food plays such an important role in understanding culture, customs and traditions, you will be experiencing some of the best food, wine and cocktails Europe has to offer, from street food to Michelin starred restaurants. 


With each tour, you will of course enjoy plenty of sightseeing, along with some of the more popular tourist attractions in the area, but where each tour gets really interesting is in the very unique, and one-of-a-kind tours, accommodations, dinners and experiences that have been curated for each trip, all of which are based on my own personal experiences.

Join me, and travel beyond the ordinary, with Euro Trotter.


Ciao!  My name is Mark Felice, and I am Euro Trotter, but let's rewind, shall we. 


After spending sixteen years in banking, I traded the briefcase for a suitcase, the tie for the sky, and started a YouTube channel, also called Euro Trotter.  My mission as a YouTuber was simple, explore everything European life had to offer, eating my way through the continent one bite at a time, and sharing that with my viewers, showing them where to go, what to do, what to eat and where to eat.  I still do this to this day.


Fast forward a few years and I decided, "Well, why not bring my fans and followers with me?", and so I started this travel company, under the same name, Euro Trotter, taking my guests on over-the-top trips throughout Europe.  And I say over-the-top, because that is exactly what they are, and it is exactly why I am so different than any other travel company or agent, because I have, over the years, personally imagined, organized, created and filmed many of these same travel experiences for my show, Euro Trotter, on YouTube, and now these same experiences are on offer for you.

These have been lifetime travel experiences for me, and now they are yours to experience, with me as your guide.


The design of my tours is what sets me apart from other travel companies and experiences. 

Group size is intentionally small (six to eight persons) to create a more exclusive and intimate travel experience for you, to promote new friendships with fellow travelers, and to allow for ease of movement with the group.

And that can see more and do more, all while allowing for more comfortable transport, a more flexible pace and a greater, more enjoyable travel experience.


Let's just get this out of the way...traveling is fun, but it isn't easy. 


As a European explorer and YouTuber, I have been fortunate to visit some of the most beautiful places across Europe, to taste some of the most authentic and delicious foods, to stay at some of the most unique accommodations, and to meet some of the most incredible people, all while getting access to one-of-a-kind travel experiences, and what all of that means, is that somehow I needed to get organize it, plan it, film it and do it...and that takes extensive research, planning, coordination and execution.

Think planes, trains, automobiles...throw in some ferries, funiculars, cable cars, helicopters, speedboats (no hot air balloons or submarines yet!), but the point is, I've just about done it all.

It is my commitment to you, as your host and guide, to leverage my extensive travel experience and expertise to create the most memorable trip for you, while at the same time eliminating the headaches and avoiding the pitfalls of planning and taking a trip on your own.

Food is my compass, and it is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of any travel experience...and I cut no corners.

Coming together, over food and wine, sharing in customs and traditions, is critical in "tasting" a country and its culture.

On our journey together, you will enjoy some of the best cuisine and dishes, over amazing wine and cocktails, while meeting the many incredible people I have met over the years on my travels.

And that means...the royal treatment.