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Take everything you know about Europe and throw it out the window.  My name is Mark Felice and my mission is simple...I'm "Eating Europe". With food as my compass, I explore cities and countries across Europe one bite at a time...going to where locals live, work, eat and play for an authentic taste of European food, lifestyle and culture.

After 18 years in Corporate America, I tired of life behind a desk and took off to Europe with my friend and cameraman, Ryan,  to create a travel and food show for everyone that has ever wanted to explore Europe and satisfy their inner-foodie. The goal of the show, Euro Trotter, which airs on YouTube and Amazon Prime Video, is to make you feel like you're right there with us on the streets, in the adventure, meeting locals, exploring lesser known areas and unique experiences, and trying incredible local foods, from open air markets and street stands to hole-in-the-wall kitchens and private homes.  This is a travel and food show for the curiously hungry.

About the website

Now, through this website, I'm connecting the show and our viewers to a whole new source of travel information and advice to help you explore, research and plan the perfect European getaway. To read about my personal travel experiences throughout Europe, check out my Blog. For a more detailed overview of the cities I've visited, check out my City Guides for easy-to-read information on how to get there, where to stay, what to do, where to eat and what to eat.


To get a bit more personal, check out my Forum where you'll get a chance to interact in two different travel chats. The first is What's Up Trotters?, a place to share your personal travel experiences, photos and videos to inspire fellow readers to "get up and travel". The second is Ask Mark, a chance for you and others to ask me questions and advice on any travel needs. Try it out...I'll get back to you in 24 hours!

On the website, you will also find a Watch page with episodes of Euro Trotter, which you can watch on YouTube or Amazon Prime Video. There's also a Shop if you'd like to check out some merchandise and help support the production of Euro Trotter. I also have a Members page where I will be offering a Concierge Service where you can call in for free travel consultation along with a variety of travel services.  Although the offering is not yet live, you can sign up now to become a member...it's free! And finally, Recipes. Each time I come home from Europe, I recreate my favorite dishes and drinks from that trip, and now you can too. I'll be sharing those recipes with you so you can create those same dishes and flavors in your home.

About me

I found my soul in Europe. Beyond the facades of incredible architecture and breathtaking views, Europe has a vibrancy and pulse like no other. The people, culture, food and entire way of being just simply swept me away. And now, it’s what I crave, which is why I decided to start Euro Trotter.

As I wander through Europe, my desire is not to tour or take pictures of amazing monuments or to visit museums, that's not me...rather, I want to experience Europe as a local, as if I lived there. For me, sitting at a cafe, elbow to elbow with strangers, soon to become friends, is a way of life. Everything seems slower, more intimate, less about working and more about living. Well, I decided it’s time to live. All year long, you will find people sitting outside at cafes, even in winter under heaters, engaged in conversation and people watching, it’s absolutely magical.

So, where does my passion for everything Europe come from? Well, Europe is where my roots are. I’m second generation, my family came to America from Italy and Germany, so food, and the kitchen, have always been the center of our home. I grew up learning how to cook old world dishes and flavors just like learning a language, I had no choice, it was just what we did. On Sundays, my German grandmother and my German mother were rolling cavatelli and making sauce, yes, two German women that married Italians that learned themselves how to cook Italian from their in-laws, passing down these recipes and flavors from one generation to the next. And there I was, helping my mother and grandmother prepare the Sunday meal, and of course, setting the table. When dinner was ready, there we were, the entire family, aunts, uncles, grandparents, siblings, parents, all sitting around the table, coming together over a meal that stuck to our bones and spoke to our souls.

But that was just one part of me truly understanding and getting in touch with my true home, the “old country”. And, it wasn’t until my extensive travels to Europe, starting back in 2011, that I truly found that other piece of me that was missing. And now, I want to share this whole of me with you.

But don’t get me wrong, I love the United States, but what I have found is that there is an enormous opportunity to expose, to introduce or to re-introduce the European flavor and way of life that graced our shores not so long through Ellis Island. It’s time to slow down and get back in touch with our roots, which is why I want to share my entire European experience with you, because the European way of life is all about sharing, and of course, over incredible food and a really good drink.

And because I believe that the best way to experience a people and culture is to taste it, when I travel to Europe, I seek out local, authentic foods, dishes and drinks found in open-air markets, restaurants, food halls, on the streets and in corner alleys all across Europe. I then return home to Denver to research and re-create these amazing dishes and drinks, adding my own twist to heighten the flavor and experience. To share the experience, I then host a dinner party with my family and friends, taking them on that same European journey, from one city to the next, one dish and one drink at at time.

I hope, through my show and this website, that you will be inspired to travel and experience the European way of life.

Feed your curiosity...

- Mark

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