Halušky with Bryndzové (Traditional Slovak Dumplings)

Serves 8-10, prep time: 15m, total time: 25m



  • All purpose flour (2 cups)

  • Russet Potatoes (6 medium size)

  • Kosher salt (1 teaspoon)

  • Cream cheese (8 oz, room temperature)

  • Sour cream (8 oz)

  • Gouda cheese (2 cups shredded)

  • Bacon (1/2 pound, slab or thick sliced)

  • French's Fried Onions (1 container)

  • Flat leaf parsley (1 tablespoon)

Bring a large stock pot of salted water to a boil.  To make the Bryndzové sauce for the dumplings, in a medium size bowl, combine the cream cheese and sour cream until smooth.  Cut the bacon into desired shape (1/2 slices or cubes if using a slab of bacon).  In a medium frying pan, fry the bacon until tender and slightly crisp and set aside.  Chop the parsley and set aside.  Shred the Gouda cheese thinly using a food processor or grater and set aside.


Make the Halušky.  Peel the potatoes and then shred thinly using a food processor or with a hand grater.  Once the potatoes are shredded, place immediately into a bowl of cold water to prevent the potatoes from turning brown.  In a large mixing bowl, add 2 cups of the flour with the Kosher salt. 

Remove the shredded potatoes and squeeze the excess potato water into the bowl (do not discard any of the water).  Add the potatoes to the flour and mix by hand until thick and pasty, if too dry, add some of the potato water until you have a nice tacky and slightly sticky dough.  If too wet, add more flour.  Bring the dough together into a ball and place onto a cutting board.  Using a small knife, cut the dough on the cutting board into desired dumpling size and add to the boiling water one piece at a time, in batches, until all the dough is gone.  Once the dumplings have risen to the top of the water, give them another 2-3 minutes to cook.  Remove a dumpling and taste to ensure it is cooked and that the potato is not hard. The dumplings should be light and fluffy consistency.

Using a slotted spoon, remove the dumplings from the water and add to a clean mixing bowl.  Add a desired amount of the cream cheese and sour cream mixture (Bryndzové) to coat the dumplings so that they are saucy.  Plate the dumplings on individual plates or in a large serving bowl.  Top with the Gouda Cheese, Bacon, French Fried Onions and parsley.  Serve at once.