Whether this is your first time to Hawaii or not, getting there is going to be a little different. Hawaii now requires all visitors to participate in their Safe Travels program, a Covid pre-testing requirement that must be completed prior to your travel to the Hawaiian islands. Other than being slightly inconvenient at times, it is quite easy. That said, we live in this new world of Covid where information and impact on our lives changes daily, and that means, so do the restrictions on our ability to travel. I visited Hawaii in November 2020, and while I was visiting my last island (thankfully), the travel requirements changed, and now, once again, they have changed with Kauai being removed from the program. So, if you dreamt of visiting Kauai, that is going to have to wait. Regardless, as I found out, spending time on one or two islands is most likely the way to go as there is so much to see and do it is literally impossible to do in a week, so none of this should deter you from visiting. I decided to write the attached guide on how to do the Hawaii Safe Travels program because, well, it took a bit of research (and luck) to be as prepared as possible to get to Hawaii smoothly and travel between the islands, and as luck would have it, our trip went off without a hitch! The process was easy, the testing was painless (because it was all self-administered - this is what you want to do, trust me!) and the results all came back within the required timeframe. Here is some of the information you will find in my Hawaii Pre-Test Travel Guide: Key websites you will need to use and how to navigate them Where and how to schedule and time your covid test (on the mainland and for inter-island travel) How to register and upload your test results Step-by-step guide on preparing for your trip to Hawaii